Sanabel 2018 Awards

Sanabel’s 2018 Awards

Translating Social Mission into Practices


Sanabel’s award aims to recognize and celebrate the outstanding performance of its members in different areas that lead to and promote good practices and financial inclusion in the Arab region. Furthermore, Sanabel’s awards are designed to support the innovative thinking and approaches that are adopted by its members to better serve low income people and meet their needs. Sanabel’s award this year intends to highlight the importance of translating MFIs’ social mission into practices which will promote, enhance and boost their social performance along with their financial performance that at the end move toward responsible finance.


  • MFI has experienced sustainable growth over the last three years in terms of gross loan portfolio, number of active clients accompanied by a good quality of portfolio.
  • MFI’s social mission is clear and understandable, specific, realistic, motivating and sharply focused.
  • MFI and its employees are committed to the social mission.
  • MFI is adopting a strategy/ action plan in order to achieve its social mission.
  • MFI is carrying out programs/ activities that are aligned with its social mission.
  • MFI is offering financial and non-financial products and services which contribute to its social mission.
  • MFI is implementing Universal Standards for Social Performance Management.
  • MFI is managing and measuring its social performance.
  • MFI is monitoring and evaluating its progress towards social mission.

  • The applicant has to be Sanabel member.
  • The applicant has been operating at least for three years.

The winner will be granted the Sanabel Award of Excellence and will be invited to take part in the Award Session at Sanabel’s 2018 Conference, where he will present his case study and strong points that helped him to reach the top position in the region.

The presentation will be forwarded to Sanabel members, partners and donors and uploaded on Sanabel’s facebook page and website on Sunday, December 16th, 2018.

  • During Sanabel’s 2018 Conference, the winners will be offered an interview to be featured on all our media materials.
  • After the conference, the winner will be featured on Sanabel website and his case study presentation will be forwarded to our members, partners and donors and posted on Sanabel’s facebook page and website.


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