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The idea of “WAFAA” was established in 2008, after the recommendation by the International Humanitarian Conference on the Assistance for the victims of occupation and refugees in the Republic of Indonesia to form and establish the development of the resources and capacities of the victims of the occupation and refugees program.

In 2009, “WAFAA” was registered as a non-profit organization in United Kingdom, Austria and Indonesian which is the location of its headquarters. Now, WAFAA has 6 branches in different countries around the world: Indonesia, United Kingdom, Austria, Lebanon, Turkey and Palestine.

During the first seven years of its establishment, the WAFAA Group has worked in three main areas:  the economic empowerment of the poor households through microfinance, the field of education and knowledge, with the support of students and educational institutions and women empowerment through specialized rehabilitation and support programs.

During the two previous years and after the presence and participation of the WAFAA group at the world humanitarian summit held in Istanbul 2016, the group adopted sustainable development goals 2030 and began to redesign its programs, work and structure in line with the 17 goals of sustainable development.

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