Sanabel, The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries is pleased to announce that its annual conference will be held between November 22 - 23, 2022 in Cairo, Egypt under the theme of “Reality and the Future of financial inclusion in the Arab world”.

Sanabel’s members represent some of the pioneers of microfinance in the Arab region who have successfully transformed from microcredit programs to microfinance institutions, companies, and banks, while developing various financial and non-financial products and services, adopting innovative delivery channels, and reaching out to new market segments. Their journey has inspired diverse stakeholders to support and invest in the sector over the last two decades.

The clients remain at the center; how to better serve them through responsible finance approach with an improved range of services and products, transparent and fair engagement, leading to a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship, remain to be at the forefront of issues to be addressed and continuously improved in the region..

During the Sanabel 2022 conference, regional and international financial inclusion stakeholders will share their experiences, latest innovations, and knowledge, providing a platform for peer exchange and learning opportunities at these times of both increased uncertainty and hope for a future of dedicated efforts to advance the financial inclusion agenda in the Arab region responsibly and with improved impact.

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