Delta Informatics

Delta Informatics is a professional software development company, founded in Amman in 1993.

Delta Informatics has strong expertise in developing industry focused software applications for MFI's , SME, Leasing , Manufacturing Industries, Finance, and Costing in addition to special Turnkey Solutions.

A comprehensive MIS solution for MFI's is one of the major  products developed by Delta since 2002. It provides an integrated Loan Tracking, Incentive, Credit Risk, Micro- Insurance , Saving & Deposit , Financial and HR modules that suites the need of any MFI. It is developed using the new Oracle Java technology with the facilities of e-payments, mobile banking ,  online / offline field access using  Android & IOS operating systems.

Delta's Loan Tracking suite was adopted by 75 institutions in 14 countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa including both Conventional and Islamic products.

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