Center Bena’a Productive Families (Jana)

Center Bena’a Productive Families (Jana)


  • What is “Bena’a Productive Families”; Jana ?

Jana center was founded in the year 2010, as one of the quality programs of Suleiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi Charitable Foundation. Jana center is a social economic project providing easy-term loans services for women to establish commercial projects that would guarantee an increase in their financial income and allow them play a more active role in the society. Being an economic project with social dimensions targeting women, especially the unemployed bracket, and every woman desiring to find a work and/or production opportunity, is the reason why this project is important. It provides lending services and contributes in the consolidation of the culture of production and the principle of self-reliance in order to ensure self-employment opportunities. Consequently, this would contribute to the reduction of the two social phenomena; poverty and unemployment, in addition to the social and economic empowerment of women through building effective and viable income-generating projects.


  • Vision

Jana becomes a model in the sustainable Islamic microfinance market


  • Mission

Provision of low interest loans and Islamic financial services, qualification of women with limited income and improvement of their living conditions beside innovation of unique and effective microfinance practices.


  • Goals

- Transfer of aid recipient households into productive ones and provision of a decent life for them.
- Provide self-employment opportunities for women.
- Empower women and support their role in their families and communities.
- Have positive impact at both health and education level of all members of the family.
- Entrench the culture of work and production, and the principle of self-reliance.


  • Six years of bestowment:

- Relocation percentage among workers’ cadres in “Jana” is 93%.
- Percentage of women working in “Jana” is 84%
- Number of Male and Female employees in “Jana” 172.


  • Overall results for loan programs provided by “Jana” from 2010 until 2016 are as follows:

- Job opportunities provided: 67,300 opportunities.
- Total amount of loans: (375 768 700) riyals.
- Repayment percentage: 99.04%.


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