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Tanmeyah for microfinance services


Tanmeyah for microfinance services, which was founded in 2009, is the leading Egyptian company operating in this sector, that provides comprehensive microfinance solutions to lower-income business owners and groups in Egypt.

Tanmeyah - one of  EFG-HERMES Group -  has offered microfinance services to more than one million and a half customers with a total value of loans amounting to 15 billion Egyptianpounds, since its establishment ,10 years ago, through its branches network, which has now reached 268 branches in 25 Egyptian governorates, becoming the microfinance company with the largest reach all over the country. Women represent 46% of Tanmeyah’s clients, and as a step towards empowering Egyptian women economically and socially, it has launched at the end of the last quarter of 2018 its group lending program that targets women, with a wallet of  33 million Egyptian pounds. More than 10 thousand customers have benefited from this product until the end of 2019, through 14 branches. To further support women empowerment, a national target in Egypt, Tanmeyah has signed a $ 5 million agreements with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The agreement, the first of its kind between the bank and a company outside the banking sector in Egypt, was concluded after a thorough study and a comprehensive evaluation of Tanmeyah and its status in the Egyptian economic scene.Tanmeyah has also signed an agreement with the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, with the aim of enhancing its capabilities and expanding its services to the benefit of the financially marginalized groups in Egypt. The number of loans issued by Tanmeyah has provided more than 350,000 loans totaling more than 4 billion and 800 million Egyptian pounds, handed by its 4400 employees in 2019.



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    34 B South Police Academy
    New Cairo, Egypt.

  • Phone:
    (+2) 02 – 25 37 30 23
    (+2) 02 - 25 37 31 70

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    (+2) 0100 041 04 58

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