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Session Track 1: Sharing the lessons learned of responsible finance initiatives:

Responsible finance is enhanced by the existing initiatives that are concentrating on the improvement and adaptation of consumer protection, social performance management and the acceptable behavior of financial service providers. One of these initiatives is the Smart Campaign which promotes the seven principles of client protection and provides tools and resources to FSPs. Also, Smart Campaign manages a certification program which certifies financial institutions on implementing the client protection principles through their operation, products and treatment of clients. Globally, an approximate of 100 financial institutions has been certified and serves 41 million clients; several of these institutions will share their experience during the sessions of the conference. Another initiative is the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) which develops and promotes the standards and good practices for social performance management. SPTF support FSPs to achieve their social missions. Sessions under this track will investigate this topic from several perspectives by discussing the different initiatives and tools which support the enhancement of responsible finance plus the challenges and opportunities which FSPs faced while applying them. 

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