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The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries

Sanabel is a regional member-based network founded to support the shaping of the microfinance sector in Arab countries based on good practices, sustainable growth, financial disclosure, and consumer protection principles. Sanabel advocates for an enabling and conducive environment to provide sustainable financial inclusion to a wider segment of low-income people within the Arab countries. Sanabel provides capacity building, research, information exchange, networking opportunities, and advocacy services to its members, and the Arab microfinance industry at large to support the sector’s sustainable growth.


2022 Conference


2022 Conference


2022 Conference


2022 Conference

Why Choose Us

why should you attend the conference?

Who Should Attend?

This conference is a must-attend for professionals, policymakers, investors, and stakeholders engaged in the microfinance and financial inclusion sector, including: • Sanabel Members • Microfinance institutions in the Arab Region • Financial service providers and banks • Investors and Impact investors • Government representatives • Regulatory and supervisory authorities and representatives • Academics and researchers • Technologists and innovators

valuable educational experience:

Watch and learn from our expert speakers about the newest trends, developments and how to adapt new strategies in the financial inclusion industry. Immerse in thought-provoking discussions, participate in workshops, and discover an amazing city while also gaining an exceptional educational experience.

Knowledge exchange:

The event will be a meeting of minds and ideas and will be the perfect opportunity for members and other industry experts to network, exchange experiences, learn from an impressive line-up of guests and even lay the groundwork for successful partnerships going forward.

High-profile networking platform:

Over the last decade Sanabel conference has become a dynamic platform for initiating and forging relationships among Practitioners and their institutions. The conference is attended by 400 practitioners from 40+ countries from MENA region and around the world. The participants include microfinance pioneers, policy makers, experts, investors, IT providers, donors, Senior level executives and more.

Sanabel Conference

Sanabel, The Microfinance Network of Arab Countries is accepting session proposals for its 16th annual conference which will be held in November 2024 at the Dead Sea in Jordan. This is an opportunity for Sanabel’s members, friends, and partners to participate in the development of the conference program and agenda. 

Call For Session